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Hi! I'm the Science Guy, Bill Kuhl.


Everybody knows that science and engineering are important, but they can also be lots of fun. This web site proves that by showing you how to build rockets, airplanes, gliders and cars that really work. You can build many of these projects with parts you can find around the house or buy cheaply at a store or online.


If you know someone who enjoys science and science projects, send them a link to this site ( Maybe you can build some of these projects together.


Visit often. The web site is always changing and growing. Check out the video section for more than 400 YouTube videos


Most of the ScienceGuy articles can be downloaded as a PowerPoint file that your can change and customize. The PowerPoint versions of the articles also have larger photos and sometimes extra photos. You will need to have PowerPoint installed on your computer to open these files.





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Advice to Science Fans
  • Attitude is very important. Without the desire to learn and improve, you won’t.
  • Consider doing things just for their educational value, not just for money or entertainment.
  • Look for opportunities to learn from someone willing to share their knowledge or to watch someone doing something educational. Clubs also provide opportunities to learn and meet people with similar interests.
  • Work at perfecting your project by looking at it with an open mind and asking good questions. You may make a breakthrough discovery, which you can then share with other ScienceGuy fans.

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6/8/2011  - I received Education Outreach Award from Academy of Model Aeronautics.




Power Point Versions of Articles


For most of the articles I have created, there is a Power Point version that you may download from a link at the bottom of the article. In some cases additional images have been added and the images are always larger. For teaching you may customize the presentations by adding additional material or deleting part of what I have included.