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Qualities of a Good mobile phone

Benefits of Having an Antivirus in Your System

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Keys to Proper Employee Assessment

Employee assessment has always been a headache especially to heads that have no clue on how to go about the whole process. Thanks to ingenuity, employee performance management has been made easier. This is never a case of waving a magic wand, and everything duly falls into place. You are more than welcome to try out a list of modern companies that offer services in this respect. Most of them have proven to be resourceful in every step involved. There is no better way to find such companies other than seeking such services online. Here’s how they can make everything such a smooth breeze.

working atmospherePositiveness All the Way

A positive attitude is just the way to get to all the goals that the company aims at achieving. Most of these seasoned employee assessment company have this in mind and aim for nothing less than perfection. They are aimed at looking at the positive side of an employee. Better yet, the strengths are what propel the company in question to move forward. By studying these key factors, they already know where to begin and how to come to a rather conclusive report. Creating this kind of working atmosphere for an employee will help them achieve even higher goals than the ones the company has set for them.


Intensive Follow-ups

There won’t be any positive changes if follow-ups are not done as keenly as they should be. If you were to entrust your employee assessment to a willing and capable company, this is just but a taste of what they would do regarding their roles. You could both come up with a strategy that suits each of the parties. For instance, you can each agree on a weekly forum to see how far they have gone. The company in question has done this for years on end and already know what is required of them. The follow-ups should be a continuation of where they left off the last time. When consistency is applied, you can be assured of quality results.



For success to come knocking, all goal-oriented companies must embrace technology at all times. It has brought a bag of goodies along with it that none of us can resist or walk away from.
Thankfully, there is a list of programs that are meant to make the whole process easier and more accurate. Even better, the latest software is packed with the greatest features that you couldn’t stay away from even if you tried. Technology will make both the employer and employee look forward to the assessment process.

assessmentTransparency is Key

All organizations and companies treasure transparency in every sense of it. The tools used to arrive at certain conclusions made are to be considered at all times. As we’ve mentioned earlier, technology does have a huge role to play especially during this critical stage. By the time they are done with their report and assessment, there will be no questions whatsoever. All the facts and details regarding every employee will be out in black and white. The level of transparency will determine all details regarding special projects.…


Qualities of a Good Mobile Phone

It’s highly essential to have a good mobile phone at your age that a significant number of people in the world now use mobile phones. But as much as the percentage might be, we should also know that a lot of people use cell phones that can cause more damage than good and this happens as a result of the quality of mobile phones we buy.
However, If you check on Gadgets Spy there are various characteristics of quality phones that differentiate them from poor quality phones, and you will learn some of these characteristics in this article. Read on.

Should be Simple and Easy to Use

human hand, smartphoneThe first quality you should know about a good cell phone is that it should be simple and easy to use. You don’t need a complicated phone that will take you long to locate your gallery or the camera. The greatness of the mobile phone doesn’t matter until you have used it to know whether it’s easy to operate or not.
And an excellent mobile phone should be easy for you to use. It should also have the best applications and a firmware version that will enable it simple for you to make use of the external files in it.

Must Have Big and Clear Buttons

You can’t test your phone’s functionality without pressing its buttons, and you are not supposed to strain your eyes to see the buttons. So a good quality cell phone must have visible buttons that can also be seen by users with eye issues and can also be pressed by with big thumbs.

Must Be Light and Small

Recently, the world has become more advanced and its advancing now and then in a way, that modern computers with great technology can be carried in a small package. So a good quality mobile phone should be small and light such that you don’t need to buy a specific bag for it just because you need to use your cell phone.
It’s advisable that when purchasing your mobile phone ensure that its light and small to fit your pocket without struggling. This will make your life comfortable, and your phone won’t get lost easily.

Must Have a Better Sound System

You should first know that by having a good sound system doesn’t mean having a loud sound system but it means that you should have a sound system that is sharp and clear and it should not be too high or low. It’s risky to have a mobile phone with a too high or low sound system since we require flexibility and privacy.
Make sure your mobile phone isn’t too loud such that other people can listen to your conversations when it’s in minimum level. And your mobile phone should not be too low such that the highest sound will be very hard to hear.

Good Battery Management System

tabletLastly, buy a good mobile phone with a good battery management system since it’s essential because your phone can’t function without a battery. A phone with a good battery will last for days or even for weeks. For you to gain the best from your mobile phone is by using it, and you are not expected to charge it now and then. Your phone’s battery management system durability is very crucial.…


Tips for Compressing a Video

A batch video compressor helps to compress a video. This makes it possible to compress HD videos to many other different formats. When compressing a video ensure it is professionally done so that you cannot lose the quality. Compressing a video is easy, fast and convenient when the right compressor is used.

pointing fingers

Essentially, it is essential to know how to compress a video. Some commonly used compressors used in the market are the Freemake compressor for windows, handbrake compressor for MAC and compression with VLC. You can check it out as well if you wish to find out more about these compressors. A reasonable video size should be around 500mb. The following ways will address critical parameters that are vital for compressing a video.

Do Not Change the Framerate


This refers to the frames displayed on the screen per second. When compressing a video, settings on this should be kept the default. Therefore, this should be not changed to retain the video quality. Any programmer should adhere to this. A different frame rate will induce changes in the size of the video the most common standard used is H.264.Therefore; do not mess up with the frame rate.

(B) Bitrate

This is the data used per second in a video. This aspect is measured in kilobits per second. There is two types of bitrate; variable and constant bitrate. Variable bitrate uses the complexity of frames to adjust the amount of data. Constant bitrate does not vary the amount of data. Your video determines the data that will be used. This implies that variable bitrate produces a smaller video size. Try these two methods depending on your quality specification.

(C)Consider Resolution Properties

Resolution determines actual video size, and it is measured in pixels. Therefore, you should try as much to have the best resolution for your video so that it is comfortable when watching it. It is advisable to stick to the constant frame rate. When compressing a video, one of the essential things to do is to cut off the extra pixels. Identify the maximum resolution that the device you intend to use can support.


All files in a video are kept together is something like a container. It is recommended that you use Mp4 as your container although there are others. Ensure your file format is MP4 because most video players are compatible with this.

(D)Compress It

If the bitrate and resolution are comfortable for you, it is now time to compress your video file. Manipulate the compressor you are using to produce a specific video size. The recommended settings are 1080p, the frame rate of 30 and bitrate of 10Mbps. Thereafter, choose audio settings for your video.

video format

Since we have the right container for our video, in this case, ensure you have the right output settings. Having done this, you can now start encoding your video. If you need a video that you will upload to a social media platform, you should check for optimization properties. After 5-10 minutes, the encoding process will be completed. Eventually, you will notice that your video is smaller in size, but its quality has been reduced…

Tips For Producing Amazing Videos

This post is going to discuss the useful tips for producing and recording good videos. You can produce good videos by following the valuable tricks and using the best camera. Mobile phone cameras are reliable tools for creating good videos. You can use your mobile devices to record both full HD and 4 K videos. Most of them are designed with big storage spaces. It has become immensely easier to shoot and share videos.

You can either record video to capture memories or publish them online. You can also get nice photos and videos by making sure that they have been edited in a good studio. You can get experienced video editors by visiting this site Outlined here below are the useful tips that can help you in taking and creating better videos.

Using the Back Of Your Camera


It is one of the obvious rules that many people forget. Most of the front cameras are reliable for video calls and FaceTime, but they are not suitable for producing decent videos. This means that you should always use the back of your mobile device when recording videos.

Focus and Stability

Stability is achieved by holding one’s device firmly with both hands especially when recording videos. The cameras should be placed on a tripod stand to make more stable. This is the key to achieving good results. In addition to this, you are advised to look at your device to have a smooth recording. Avoid being tempted to look at the scene that you are filming. Some of the camera apps can allow you to tap the screen while focussing on the subject that you are recording.

Recording In Landscape Mode

Most of the modern devices have gotten bigger. Such devices are perfect for recording and editing videos. The big devices can also used in getting fine views of items . Individuals who have a habit of recording things in a hurry are advised to use the landscape mode.

Adding a Grid


Watching videos that have been recorded in portrait modes is like watching items that have been taken at wrong angles. Adding a grid will allow you to make use of the background as the reference point. It will also make sure that your recording is straight.

Some of the old cameras do not have this useful option. With the grid, it is possible to align one’s video against the background’s lines to produce straight items. Adhering to the Rule of Thirds can also help you in framing your items within the shot better.

Consider the Lighting Level

Light is another important factor that plays a significant role in photography. It can also help you in brightening, editing and applying filters to get away with dark photos. However, doing this to videos can end up destroying their quality.…


Benefits of Having an Antivirus in Your System

Each And every day, computer technology becomes more sophisticated. The security concerns about computers also become more sophisticated. This means that you have to equip your computer system with the latest antivirus software to protect it from threats such as virus and hackers. Let’s take a look at the benefits of installing antivirus in your computer system.

Virus Protection

securityCybercriminals design viruses so that they can compromise the data security in your system. If you don’t have an antivirus installed, viruses can easily damage your vital information. This can make your operating system to develop problems that can render your computer to be useless. However, with a good antivirus, any self-replicating virus code will have no chance of compromising your computer’s operating system and data security.

Being Hacker-Proof

Hackers always use backdoors to try and get access to your computer’s important data. These data may include your bank account details and your credit card details. Once they get access to these, they can steal all your money and compromise all your financial transactions. By installing a strong antivirus software, any suspicious files and spyware will be detected and eliminated before it can cause any havoc on your computer.

Protection from Spams

Although some spam messages are from marketers who have no malicious intentions, there are some spam messages that usually contain viruses and malicious files that will hide in your computer waiting to cause havoc. By installing an antivirus, you will be protected from unsolicited emails that may bring viruses to your computer.

Extending Your Computer’s Life

Do you know that antivirus also offers insurance against any expenses that you may incur in the future? This is because viruses and malware can deteriorate your computer’s software and hardware. Your computer’s speed will, therefore, be slowed down. You might even lose important data in the process. It’s therefore important that you install an antivirus to prevent any of such damages from occurring.

Peace of Mind

online safetyIf your computer is not protected with an antivirus, you will not have a peace of mind while browsing the internet. You will be constantly worried about your computer getting infected with a virus. This will make you to even avoid downloading certain important files or visit some websites. If you want to browse with a peace of mind, then you should install an antivirus. You will barely think about your computer getting infected with a virus.…


Tips for Hiring a Data Recovery Expert

You don’t want to know how it feels when you lose all your data on your computer. The worst part of losing your data is that you may never get them back. It feels like a nightmare. However, thanks to data recovery experts, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is because a data recovery expert will help you to retrieve all your lost data, but only if you have the best data recovery experts. To help you chose the best data recovery expert, here are tips that will guide you in hiring a data recovery expert.

Experience is Important

data expertYour data recovery is a very important process that you cannot entrust to a company that has never been proven and tested. As a result, the experience is one of the most important factors that you should consider. Before hiring a data recovery company, you should ask them about all the previous jobs that they have done. You should then do your homework to make sure that the company’s experience fits what you are looking for.

Ask for Recommendations

Data loss is something that happens to almost every company. You are therefore not the first. This means that there are people and companies that have gone through this hence you can ask them for the company that helped them recover their data. This will give you a few leads. However, ensure that before you settle on a particular company, you do your research.

Check Out Prices

Data recovery can sometimes be expensive. When you are presented with the cost of recovering your data, ensure that you clearly understand what the cost entails. You can do this by personally asking the company what they will offer in the package and what they will not offer.

Consider Accessibility

You want a data recovery company that you can reach out to any time you have a problem. You should, therefore, ensure that the company that you go for is one that is available around the clock. You don’t have to wait for business hours in order to reach out to your data recovery expert.

Data Loss Prevention

Above all, the best data recovery expert should promote the prevention of data loss. You should, therefore, choose a company that also has preventive measures in their packages. Most data recovery companies are only focused on making money when you lose your data. If you find one that will help to protect you from data loss, then stick with it.…